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What’s more fun than winning money by betting your favorite sports teams? Well, getting free money while betting on your favorite sports teams of course! Most online sportsbooks offer big cash bonuses to new customers just for signing up and making bets. The online sports betting industry is super competitive so there are a lot of sportsbooks out there giving away big chunks of money as an incentive for joining them rather than the competition.

Most sportsbooks do it on a percentage basis. They use offers like “sign up now to get an extra 50% added to your first deposit” to attract new players. These bonuses usually have caps so players can’t just deposit huge sums of money and get ridiculous bonuses. For the most part sportsbooks like to keep player bonuses under $1,000. But hey – that’s still not a bad deal if you ask me!

What’s cool is that these bonuses usually only have one string attached: a rollover policy. The rollover policy is basically just a requirement that players achieve a certain amount of betting activity before the bonus money can be withdrawn. The sportsbooks use rollover policies as a form of protection to keep players from depositing a bunch of money and then withdrawing it all right away without doing any business at the site.

Rollover policies vary from casino to casino but they usually require a rollover of something like five times the size of the bonus plus deposit. What they mean by “rollover” is just that you place an amount of bets equal to the size of the bonus. So if a sportsbook has a 5x requirement, they would want you to place a sum of bets totaling five times the size of the bonus + your initial deposit.

For example, if you were playing at a site that had a 5x rollover policy and deposited $500 to get a $500 bonus, they would want you to place a total of $5,000 in bets ( ($500) + ($500) x 5). This might sound like a lot but if you think about it but I can assure you it’s not difficult whatsoever. You’ll place a lot of bets, win some, maybe lose some – BUT before you know you’ll have completed the rollover requirements and be free to take your bonus.

Yes it’d be nice if we could just get the bonuses completely free of strings but you really can’t blame the sportsbooks for having rollover policies. If they didn’t have any in place, they’d probably all go broke within a month. Then we wouldn’t get any bonuses at all!

Just remember to check back here at betbubbles.com/ any time you want the scoop on the latest sportsbook bonuses and reviews. We’ll give you the lowdown on the best bonuses and what you need to do to take full advantage of them. It pays to do your research because nothing is worse than forgetting to get a big sign-up bonus.

In fact, a lot of sports bettors like to go down the list of sportsbooks at our site and knock out the bonuses one at a time. Getting an extra $500 viagra super active online here and an extra $250 there can really add up – especially considering this is extra money you get for doing something you’d be doing anyways. Sportsbook bonuses are there to be used so use ‘em! A halfway decent sports bettor can make a good chunk of change every year just by using every sportsbook bonus he can find.